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Strictly Business


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[Intro] I shot the sheriff ("Don't get too close because you might get shot") I shot the sheriff [Verse 1: Erick Sermon] Try to answer to the master or the MC rap God is no joke On the lyric - it's hard to be modest I knew I was the man with the master plan To make you wiggle and jiggle, like gelatin Just think while I sink, into the brain structure (Don't sleep on the E) You see, somethin' might rupture It don't take time for me to blow your mind Take a second to wreck it because you're dumb and blind So just lounge.. cause you're a MC clown Go join the circus.. EPMD's in town [Parrish Smith] Total chaos -- no mass confusion Rhymes so hypnotizin' known to cause an illusion Like a magician.. who pulls a rabbit out a hat, son I pull them all like a .44 Magnum MC freeze stop look and listen, and try to imagine It's travellin' the speed of light, but everything's motion Is frightening.. plus the thought you alone You now enter dimension, called the Twilight Zone You're terrified.. plus you can't bear the thought You and I one-on-one, in the Land of the Lost You start to shiver.. but then you scream, my friend Yo, wake up Muttley, because you're dreamin' again But next time I'm on the scene, do not try to diss us Keep your mouth shut sucker duck, because I'm Strictly Business [Hook] I shot the sheriff [Erick Sermon] This is the rap season.. where the E starts pleasin' Girls around the world no need to be skeezin' When I roll I stroll, cool always pack a tool Just in case.. a brother acts a fool I've got the energy, to put the girls in the frenzy Put it in shock when I rock, give it up I'm not stingy Make sure I don't bore when I'm on the dance floor.. (Get busy, boy) Like you never saw before Rhyme flow.. good to go.. after the show.. I'll pull your ho, boy Rhyme flow.. good to go.. after the show.. I'll pull your ho, boy Rhyme flow.. good to go.. after the show.. I'll pull your ho, boy Rhyme flow.. good to go.. after the show.. I'll pull your ho, boy (Yo, you sniff blow?) .. Hell no! I got my whole life ahead of me, no time to be sniffin' And my parents find out, then they start riffin' So I stay, a-okay, cause I'm the E.. the R-I-C-K [Parrish Smith] MC's look me in my face, then their eyes get weak Pulse rate descends.. heart rate increases It's like beam me up, Scotty, I control your body I'm as deadly as AIDS when it's time to rock a party And all due respect, when I say mic check Let a sucker slide once -- then I break his neck So when I say jump, you reply, "How high?" Because I'm takin' no prisoners, so don't play hero and die Cause you're a soldier.. and I'm a Green Beret I do not think twice about the MC's I slay So if you want to battle, I highly recommend this: Bring your dog, mom, and dad.. because I'm Strictly Business [Hook] I shot the sheriff [Erick Sermon] Yo yo, you're still pickin' on that four-leaf clover? Bring in the Sandman, sucker.. because it's over My name is Erick Sermon and I'm back again I see the heads still turnin' and my so-called friends They smile in my face -- behind my back they talk trash Mad and stuff -- because they don't have cash Like the E-Double.. or the PMD He drives a Corvette, I drive a Samurai Suzuki I'm a locksmith.. with the key to fame Never high on myself -- always stay the same Play a lot because I'm hot, like a horse I trot Around the track and back -- fatigued? No, I'm not [Parrish Smith] Well I'm the mellow, the fellow, the one who likes to say hello To a fly girl that is good to go With the slow tempo, and the off-beat rhyme flow Cause when I am in action, there is no time for maxin' Or relaxin' -- just subtractin' and reactin' On a sucker MC who mouth keeps on yappin' and flappin' I lose my cool, then I'll start slappin' and smackin' You wanna roll? Then Albee start jackin' and cappin' No time to lounge, I'm packin' and strappin' At my point of attack I soar at you like an eagle I'm the sheriff, and bitin' is illegal So when I'm in town, I highly recommend this You gots to chill, because I'm Strictly Business
I'm Housin' 04:01
[Parrish Smith] Coolin' on the scene like a horse in a stable A brother got ill and tried to snatch a fat cable I stepped back, like it wasn't no thing Punched him in the jaw with the fat gold ring I had an ace in the hole when it came to that (Yo P you was packin'?) You know I'm strapped Posse kept rollin' it was hard to get with 'em So I stepped back, and unbuttoned my Lee denim They kept coming, just like I figured So I stepped back, and started sprayin' niggas [Erick Sermon] What a way to go out, out like a sucker But I'm on track, like a Long Island train conductor That can head on a mission, suckers who be dissing Always on my jock like a snake always hissing Grabbing and tapping me like Luther Vandross Take me to the bar for the drink and make a toast Givin' best wishes to the best MC The E the D-O-U-B-L-E Because I'm housin' [Parrish Smith] Coolin at a party, no better yet disco Head feelin mellow from a bottle of Cisco Move To crush and fry a sucker MC like crisco Every chance I get, I try to kill That's one less sucker new jack, who tried to act ill I keep the place jumpin' 'til the party's through Whether it's disco, hardcore, or rhythm and blues Take off your coat, won't you stay a while Check out the voice that is smooth and mild It's like Wheel of Fortune, go on for big money Come cold rock the party, and leave with your honey [Erick Sermon] Gimme the cue, check one two Don't try to come off on me, because you doo-doo Treatin me the E Doubl-E, like a stepchild Well let me tell you homeboy you're livin' foul MCs, you know who you are (On the bandwagon) Why P? (Cause you a star) This is the year that when the joker's are wild When a fag can't hack it and try to bite the style I get hip to the scheme, before it happens If it gets wild, then I start cappin' But for now, since everything's calm Relate to the matter as I drop the bomb As I proceed to rock, the girls are clockin' Some brothers act hard but the rest are jockin' Because I'm housin' [Parrish Smith] I come on strong, like a bodybuilder Cast a spell upon a sucker, like witch Matilda Deliver a rhyme like Federal Express My intention's not to dis, but impress For ladies and gents, who money was spent To see the E-P-Double-E-M-D (yes the main event) In concert... not worried bout oohs and boos (because we do work) To make your body jerk (To make your girl want to leave her man and start to flirt With the P) Double-E MD Double E'n I'm not skeezing, but pleasing All party goers, also behind show-ers Who like the not, fast slow flow of rhymes that form in my dome Out the mouth, to the microphone Because I'm housin'
[Parrish Smith] Relax while I tax, or you can just max It really doesn't matter, just stay the hell back Poppin much junk, now the time has arose-n I pick your card and your name has been chosen Not all about ?line-opin? or the stick up scene "Let it flow!", you know what I mean I'm the PMD, in the place to be Clock rhymin and I lock ya, around the tick-tocker Suckers steady clockin at the same time jockin So a brother like MD takes a chill and lay low Hypnotize your girl, while the funk flow [Erick Sermon] I got my girls to keep me pumpin, just like Getty Use the same fuel as Mario Andretti Kickin butt in the beginning all the way to the end He drives, I rhyme no matter what we win I come fully equipped, with the mic on my hip So if you real, it's no time to slip Cause when it's time for some action, check on the Mic-hael Jackson Do a spin grab my nuts, and start taxin Let the MC's know that I shock like lightning They mess with the E-Double-E, I sounds frightening [Parrish] So let the funk flow "Let it flow!" [Erick Sermon] Blastoff, and off you go We usually take off fast, but now we take up slow I would say Bon Voyage, but I'm not leavin I don't wanna go, but the girlies keep screamin So I will stay, if that's fine wit you But I won't leave, until the party is through So while I'm here, let me get funky Fiendin for the rhyme (like a four-deuce junkie) Put the pep in your step, the stride in your glide EPMD them goin nationwide [Parrish Smith] While the bass is steady pumpin and the beat be like thumpin You lose your cool, then you start jumpin You're out of control, and I'm right on track In seconds later I work the bone out your back To mess with the two is to mess with hot water We like to hang, torture then slaughter All sucker MC's, who proceed to intrude E said (let em slide), say what but I'm in the mood For dishin and dismissin, all those who don't listen Reel the ones whose in, as if we was fishin So in eighty-eight, no wait I think it's too late Cause in eighty-seven, you bit on the old bait [Erick] So let the funk flow "Let it flow!" [Parrish Smith] Lounge homeboy you in the danger zone When the brother PMD is on the microphone The slow momentum of my rhymes are divine and combined To go off beat, and come back on time To maintain and explain, but never sound the same And when it comes to do this, very few remain People on my jock for the rhymes I invent Dip in a phone booth just like Clark Kent Step out dressed to impress, with no intention to fess Chillin HARD, with the P on my chest Rhymin on the mic, while the beat rocks steady Throw a funky fresh rhyme and MC's fetch it like Freddy [Erick Sermon] Listen to heavy metal, hardcore rock n roll Drink a six-pack, maybe Miller or Stroh That's not the move, it's about hip-hop The loud guitar playing and screaming has to stop Let's get it straight for nineteen eighty-eight For it can sound fine for nineteen eighty-nine I hear the girls out there sayin E is hot That only shows you what juice I got And if you don't like me, and you yellin boo There's nothin wrong wit me, it's somethin wrong with you So let the funk flow "Let it flow!" [Parrish] So let the funk flow "Let it flow!" [Parrish] Yo, this beat is sort of funky [Sermon] Man, I ain't worried about it, I know it's funky "Let it flow!"
[Intro: Parrish Smith + sample] You gots to chill DJ K La Boss cuts "Jungle boogie" [Verse 1: Erick Sermon] Relax your mind, let your conscience be free And get down to the sounds of EPMD Well you should keep quiet while the MC rap But if you tired, then go take a nap! Or stay awake and watch the show I take Because right now - I'm 'bout to shake and bake The E-R-I-C-K is my name, I spell Thanks to the clientele, yo I rock well I'm not an MC who talkin' all that junk About who can beat who, soundin' like a punk I just get down and I go for mine Say "check one-two" and run down the line [Verse 2: Parrish Smith] To the average MC I'm known as The Terminator Funky beat maker, new jack exterminator Destroying a ploy, when your rhymes are not void Never sweatin' your girl (Why P?) 'Cause she's a skeezoid When I'm on the scene I always rock the spot I grab the steel with the crown on top In the beginnin', I like to let my rhymes flow And at twelve I press cruise control Sit back and relax, let my rhymes tax Maintain MC's while the Double E macks Always calm under pressure, no need to act ill Listen when I tell you boy [Chorus: Parrish Smith] You gots to chill DJ K La Boss cuts "Jungle boogie" [Verse 3: Erick Sermon] I be the personal computer information on rap Like the B-I-Z Markie says, I'll make your toes tap I format the rhymes, step by step Make em sound def to maintain my rep Prepared to come off, in case of a diss Not worried about a thing, 'cause we can do this I can turn the party out just by standin' still Make the ladies scream and shout while the brothers act ill Take total control of your body and soul Pack a nine in my pants for when it's time to roll [Verse 4: Parrish Smith] I'm the P double-E M-D-E-E And one thing I hate, is a bitin' MC When I enter the party suckers always form a line Then they ease their way up, and try to bite my lines I did thousands of shows, dissed many faces And deal with new jacks on a one-to-one basis But every now and then a sucker MC gets courageous And like an epidemic it becomes contagious But never the least they all R.I.P For all those unaware it means Rest In Peace 'Cause M.D. -- stands for Microphone Doctor And the capital P (capital P) capital M (capital M) Capital D-E-E's no doubt the chief rocker Don't like to get ill, but if I have to I kill So believe me boy [Chorus: Parrish Smith] You gots to chill DJ K La Boss cuts "Jungle boogie!" [Verse 3: Erick Sermon] Catch every word I'm sayin', no there's no delayin' Don't hesitate to motivate the crowd I'm not playin' Seein' is believin', you catch my drift? Don't try to adapt because I'm just too swift (How swift?) I'm so swift and that's an actual fact I'm like Zorro, I mark a E on your back I don't swing on no ropes or no iron cords The only weapon is my rappin' sword [Verse 4: Parrish Smith] Intimidate MCs with the tone of my vocal throne When I'm pushin' on the microphone 'Cause I'm the funky rhyme maker, MC undertaker The one who likes to max and relax And when it's time, issue dig-em-smacks I keep their hands clappin', fingers snappin', feet tappin' When it's time to roll Uzi patrol is packin' The PMD, the mic's my only friend And through the course of the party, I kill again and again So if you're thinkin' bout battlin' you better come prepared Come with your shield and your armor geared [Chorus: All] You gots to chill DJ K La Boss cuts "Jungle boogie!" [Outro: Erick Sermon, Parrish Smith] DJ La Boss, takes no shorts
[PMD] Yeah time to put it down E Time to put it down E EPMD Millineum Ducats, DefCon 9, 2 G's Uh-huh, yeah Yeah it's like this y'all, it's like that y'all It's like this y'all, it's like that y'all It's like this y'all, it's like that y'all Ay E-Dub check it out MCs out there, you better stand clear EPMD is a world premier From New York straight talk, America's best Cold wild Long Island, is where we rest [Erick Sermon] Style of the rap, makes your hands clap Take care of myself because the lines are strapped Day mean business, no time for play If you bite a line, we'll roll your way The more you bite, your body gets hot Don't get too close, because you might get shot Gnawin' at my rhyme like a poisonous rat Don't play dumb, boy, you're smarter than that [PMD] It's my thing [PMD] The rhythmatic style, keeps the rhyme flowin' Good friends already bitin', without you knowin' Can't understand, why your body's gettin' weaker Then you realize it's the voice from the speaker The mind become delirious, situation serious Don't get ill, go and get curious [Erick Sermon] 'Nuff about that, let's get on to somethin' better And if gets warm, take off the hot sweater And if you want some water, I'll get you a cup And if you don't want it then burn the hell up I'm tellin' you now boy you ain't jack Talkin' much junk like Mr. T has your back But he's not, so don't act cute 'Cause if you do you in hot pursuits [PMD] It's my thing [PMD] As the song goes on you will notice a change The way I throw down, the way I say my name The mic that I'm packin' is flame resistant So MC be cool, and keep your distance When I walk into the party girls are screamin' at me I park my mic in my holst', and then I yell freeze... Music please [Erick Sermon] Ah, where was I? Oh yes Say a def rhyme then I plumb the rest Everytime I rock a rhyme I can tell that you like it Emotion is strong like the mind of a psychic The mind is weary, floatin' like a dove Sweatin' a thing like if you was makin' love Control the crowd, so they can accept it Total concentration is the perfect method [PMD] It's my thing [PMD] The wack I subtract, the strong I attack The ones who grab the mic and freeze, I throw it back I perfect and eject, make MCs sweat Take 'em off on the mic then I tell 'em step Not waiting or debating, 'cause MCs keep hating Play me too close like two dogs mating [Erick Sermon] Now let's get on with the rest of the lesson Don't really like it when suckers start messin' Tryin' to make a scene, talkin' very loud Talkin' much junk to attract a crowd You say you wanna battle, your first mistake You get quiet and stuff like you was at a wake In the beginnin', you knew you wasn't winnin' Now you feel ashamed, your head starts bendin' Kinda upset boy -- I understand You lost again -- I won, god damn [PMD] It's my thing [PMD] My funky fresh lyrics put you in the spirit I speak a little louder for you suckers can't hear it The rhymes I designed are right on time And at the crowd on my mic flash a danger sign 'Cause I'm the Thriller of Manila, MC cold killer Drink Budweiser, cannot stand Miller MCs cold clockin' 'til the party's through Then they tap me on my shoulder and say "This Bud's for you" [Erick Sermon] To be a real MC you can't be obedient To be smooth is the main ingredient You have to be silky like a Milky Way To be able to make it work you rest and play I control the pace of the rate the rhymes goin' Hydraulically jacked is the way they're flowin' Slow yes, just like they're awed The comparison is wave like the motion of water, smooth [PMD] While the record is spinnin', got your fly girlie grinnin' MD is on the mic, you know I'm only beginnin' Rhymes fresher than fresh, never heard me fess Scored 110 on my MC test My rhymes are strong than Tyson, hold a MC license When I grab the mic MCs get frightened [Erick Sermon] I'm dangerous, I need a cross and bones Lounge homeboy you in the danger zone What I mean by lounge I don't mean bitin', huh You mess around, and we'll be fightin' It's alright if you bite, but don't recite Because the rhymes are mine, and that ain't right But until just chill to the next episode Donald J, yo, release the code [PMD] It's my thing [PMD] Erick and Parrish Millenium Ducats All the way live, 2 Gs, 2 Gs, 5 Gs New legacy
[Erick Sermon] Knick knack patty whack give a dog a bone Yo, don't give him nothing but a microphone Don't stop, I'm not finished yet You said I'm not the E, you wanna make a bet? Remember this: Lounge, you in the danger zone I figured you would, now leave me alone You pick and you wish on a four-leaf clover To be the E double E over and over You're intrigued by the way I do my thing (Do what?) Pick up the mic high and make it swing [PMD] I have the capability to rap and chill Cold wax and tax MCs who tend to act ill It's like a Dig'em smack You smack me and I'll smack you back I get goosebumps when the bassline thumps A sucker MC arrives, now it's time for lunch When I'm cooling on the scene, I notice one thing I'm not Bounce, so sucker MCs cling I consider myself better than average Yo, I rock the mic like a wild beast savage [Erick Sermon] I'm in the bottling state, I can't concentrate I make a move like chess, then I yell "checkmate" You know why I get zanier and zanier? Because of EPMD mania When I walk through the crowd I can see heads turning I hear voices saying "That's Erick Sermon" Not only from the women, but from the men You know what? It feels good, my friend [PMD] I'm the P double E, the Thrilla of Manila Better known as the MC cold killer PMD's goal is to keep the place jumping And if not we feel we owe you something It's like lotto, you have to be in it to win it But if the beat is fresh then Diamond J will spin it If J spin it, then it has to be def To make you dance until there's no one left 'Cause you a customer [Erick Sermon] Praying like a prey when the fox in action I smell blood, no time for maxin' Camouflage in the green, my back is arced Plus you in trouble 'cause it's after dark My eyes close like Steve Austin, I got you in the square I would let you run, nah, that ain't fair So I clear my visions so I can spot him Snatch him by the neck and say "Hmmm I got him" [PMD] My neighbor MCs, you're in over your head My rhymes are hungry plus they haven't been fed The process of elimination is quite simple Let you grow like a blackhead and pop you like a pimple Slice you like lettuce, toss you like a salad Revoke your MC license if your rhyme's invalid As we go on, sucker MCs sound wacker Like a parrot says "Polly want a cracker" [Erick Sermon] Well it was a regular test, nothing we can't handle At our house they have the mics on the mantel Looked at the DJ and said "May I?" Lit it up like the Fourth of July Because I float like a butterfly, sting like a bee No, I'm the E of EPMD I have a strong point of view on the way things run Just shut up and listen and learn my son [PMD] Absorb that ass like Bounty, the quicker picker upper To tell you up front, you're nothing but a sucker The style we're using, no doubt copastetic You try to bite and yet sound pathetic 'Cause I'mma rhyme like a tailor, flow like a sailor As the beat gets stronger, MCs get staler Not bragging or protagging, surely not fagging MCs surrender, raise the flags and Give up the titles 'cause the signs are vital I keep a voice tuned at a slow and swift idle And you a customer [Erick Sermon] I need a man meal sandwich, yes I need Manwich I feel good, now it's time to do damage I feel like battling, you know what I mean? When I rhyme one time to release the steam When I grab the mic I get dramatic like an actor You know why I get over? I'm the master I do a show, pack it in 'til it's clamming up Look for the microphone then I jam it up [PMD] You said you see me jamming at New York Tech You got one right fella, you deserve a check How did you know? You must have been jocking How would you know the places I be rocking? Don't follow me fella, every move that I make I'm hostile now so I'll give you a break Research upon me but don't go past the limit Here's my card and on the back is my fan club digits [Erick Sermon] There's two things to check out in the words that I'm saying Plus listen to the guitar playing The bro is bad, the strings he's plucking Fire rhyme after rhyme, watch MCs duckin' [PMD] MCs, it's the final countdown You look tired, can you go the round? If you can, I'll slap your hand and give you credit And if not, I'll turn around and say "Forget it" [Erick Sermon] People, they say that I'm a party pooper That’s not true, I’m a Long Island trooper You a customer
[Parrish Smith] Sick em champ... Well I have a new dance, that you all must learn You may have seen the Pee-Wee Herman but it's had it's turn Now this brand new dance, I know you not with it You might break your neck, to really try to get it If you seen the clumsy movie it was called The Jerk You had to check out Steve Martin as he started to work He was doin freaky moves with his feet and head With his blue farmer suit and his big Pro-Keds Now if you wanna learn it, it really takes time That's why I'm here now tellin you this rhyme And if you never seen it, then I'll be startin My brand new funky dance, called the Steve Martin Like this... get em Steve, get em Get em Steve, get em Steve, get em Get em... Like this... [Erick Sermon] Well the dance is def, and it's gonna last I don't really think any other dance will pass All the dancers out there tryin to freak on the floor When they see me do the Martin they try to ignore When they see my dance, they came to a surprise I caught the suckers ducks speakin eye to eye While they bitin my stuff, like I wasn't there But they didn't have the right so, I didn't care Sway your arms around your back, then across your chest Do the crazy leg sweep from right to left It's the Steve... [Parrish Smith] Like this... Get em Steve, get em Steve, get em... Get em Steve, get em Steve, get em... Get em... Well it's back to the man on the mic you see Because I'm stuck to my dance like a dog on a flea Now I know my dance is the funky dance comin Pee-Wee Herman (BizMarkie) was pumpin (but mines is jumpin) It's the Steve... Like this, sick em champ (Steve Martin's in full effect!) Sick em champ (Yo Steve's a weasel! Show em how your Steve Martin go) Get em Steve, get em Steve, get em (repeat 4X) (Ahh yeah, Steve Martin in full effect) EPMD, strikin once again, funky fresh in the flesh (True, yo, PMD! Oww, yeah...) I be the P double E-M-D in the place (Yeah check this out P, I think this is the last record of the album... Awww we made it!) Yo yo what time is it? [Erick Sermon] Nineteen eighty-eight is so great, and eighty-nine even better And don't forget, to take off that hot sweater... Yeah check this out y'all! We got this funky track, ahh, yo yo yo Check this out homeboys Because we dope, the dope-di-dope-di-dope-di-dope The dope-di-dope-nope-we-ain't-no-joke No-joke-no-joke, so PMD!! Yo!! We ain't no joke, no-joke-no-joke-no-joke-the-dope (On the Columbo tip!) I'm the real deal homeboy, for real (On the strength!) Because we in there, yes we in there And we're outta here, like last year (We lost the bandwagon, because I'm housin...) We goin straight for the kill because you're loungin (I'm Strictly Business!)
[PMD] Ayo, what's up E Double? [Erick Sermon] Yo, whole thing man, got a lot of customers out there man, trying To get paid off what we made [PMD] Ayo, rapping ain't your field, you took the wrong trade. So you'd Better get a grip on them lips, and get off the... [P] Ayo yo yo, I be the P twice E M D [E] I be the E double E in the place to be [P] Ayo what up E man, we in there man? [E] You know we in there, trying to get paid, know what I'm saying? [P] Yo, we gotta step out hard this year [E] Pee check this out, this is how it's going down [Erick Sermon] There was a Hardy Boy mystery you were trying to solve Can't understand why you got involved Here's a clue, try the ghetto master blaster Now think who causes disaster Clue number two, you give up? I figured, it was K La Boss on the cut He had help, sucker duck, now that's clue number three You wrong, cause it was EPMD [PMD] MC's, get off the bandwagon I'm not bragging, but tagging And snagging the biter that tries to imitate Time to go on strike and demonstrate On the fo, that does not N-O That if he pulls my card, I'm good to flow Toe to toe, blow to blow, without H2O Ayo, you want to battle? I'm good to G-O Get off the bandwagon (Repeat 2x) [Erick Sermon] This ain't a blast from the past, it's a boomer from the future Feel free to scream "Ho" or "Yo" if it suits you While the bass is booming and your face is glooming Saying the E double E is def, you're not assuming They're only one of many that think a jealous fellow Say "yep" then step cause I'm cooler [PMD] Say "Hmmm" now you're through, you're how not who Before I'm gluing that butt like Krazy Glue I roll into the party as if I was Five-O Book investigation biters like Columbo Pushing rap for some info in exchange for a jumbo And when I find a sucker it's time to play Rambo Or play Commando, you know? I knew it was the sucker with the new Jackson 5 afro We rock rhymes then we we run em a while Sucker MC's catch on, then they bite our style They're confused, dazed, and amused Sweating and thing because their rhymes are used Seen us in the crowd then they own their cost They run around like a chicken with their heads cut off Get off the bandwagon (Repeat 2x) [Erick Sermon] While my volume was swaying, you were saying "Who was that brother?" while the record was playing I felt kinda happy like an ego trip I had to laugh cause my energy's tip My tradition is dissing in this position And right about now I'm in perfect condition And don't get mad, and don't stop hissing Don't say nothing homeboy just listen [PMD] No talk or playing, sucker MC's I be slaying Get off the bandwagon, you know what I'm saying? I devastate the hip-hop scene Keep the feet moving like a dancing machine E got my back (yeah) K La Boss on the scratch You wild on the groove with the beat on wax I'm in my own world, no room for distraction Controlling MC's while La Boss keeps scratching Get off the bandwagon (Repeat 2x)
Jane 02:59
*DJ K La Boss scratching in "Jane" vocals* [Erick Sermon and PMD] Yo, what's up PMD? Ayo coolin man, done with this album, about to take it up to Leon Wills, see what they say Hold up man, we ain't bringing nothing up until I diss this girl, man Aw, you ain't going to go into that Jane thing again? You know I had to diss her! I told her don't mess with me, you know? But why you gotta be bothering with that skeezer? That was way back in 1986! Let me tell you how it went anyway Hanging out late drinking a couple of brews Turn on the radio put the shit on snooze So when it's time to get up, the radio comes on Blasting in my ear with the hip-hop song Five minutes later I hear someone knocking Yo outside yo, my stereo's rocking Saying in my mind "Who can it be?" It was me, the P double E M D I said yo I said yo What's up trooper? I have a girl and she wants me to duke her Why didn't you? I woulda have been, only thing she brung along a friend So PMD (Yo?) Why don't you do me a favor? Chill with the bitch and I'll hook you up later She's fly, haircut like Anita Baker Looked up and down and said "Hmm, I'll take her" She came in, I said "Hi my name is P" She said "Hello my name is J-A-N-E" I said "Jane, oh, what a nice name" It reminds me of a high school flame She came behind me and then she rubbed my back She started moaning and said "Yo, let's hit the sack" Went to my room because she was kinda bossy Girl broke buckwild And started playing horsey She showed pain but inside she felt joy Ayo she broke wild and said "Ride em cowboy!" Three o'clock on the dot Tired of busting her Woke up in the morning to my record "You're a Customer" She left me a note, she called me the master Said next time you have to be better Bigger Stronger and much faster And you don't quit, EPMD rock double With the funky shit!


released June 7, 1988


all rights reserved



EPMD New York


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